An exclusive residential community where homes are designed to blend naturally in a mountain setting.

Today's baby boomers have the best opportunity to maximize what life can really offer.  Why ?  In general, we  baby boomers have worked and saved to enjoy the best years of our life.  I guess life really begins at 60!  At 60,  we already have control of our time, we are more seasoned, more patient and  we also have the purchasing power.  This is our chance to relive our lives all over again and do the things that we really enjoy which most of us missed out during our early life's stages.  I have been fortunate to have this chance since I reside within the Metro Tagaytay area.

I guess one of the best things mother nature offers in the Metro-Tagaytay area is its climate.  We enjoy cool and fresh air all year round.  I always tell my friends that they may live in the most expensive villages in Metro Manila but they will never get this God given climate that we enjoy here.  The pace of life here is rather relaxed as compared to the metropolis.  There are many nearby areas that can be of interest to all.  Just below us, we have the Heritage Town of Taal which is loaded with history.  ​ For the active, we are close to golf courses, beaches of Batangas & Cavite as well as dive resorts.


If you are more into the spiritual side, Tagaytay has numerous Churches, Seminaries and Retreat Homes.

Today, Tagaytay and its nearby surroundings is not the sleepy town we used to know.  It has evolved into a semi urbanized City in terms of private communities, restaurants, shopping and activities & places for events.

Launching this year 2016,
Canyon Cove Oceana